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I've been acting in NYC for the last 20 odd years. An adviser in my grad school acting program told me I am a leading man type. I didn't really know what he was talking about and still don't really. I guess I wouldn't be against it, but truly my career seems to point elsewhere, as I've mostly played blue-collar fellas, whether it be security guards or cops or plumbers or gangsters or corrupt soldiers or computer technicians. And that all sits well with me, as I do have some of that kind of background. My father was a cab driver, my grandfather was an electrician, my uncle was an engineer, my aunt - an engineer, great-great grandfather - a blacksmith. And I myself enjoy some woodworking, and building stuff, and have been doing small lighting projects, and have a film production company I've built from the ground up. 

On the other hand, I have, now and again, played some intellectual types, whether it be a sorry Russian baron, or a relentless Hollywood producer, or stock brokers. And that too is all very fine with me, and I have some past for that as well. My mother was a broadcast editor, my grandmother was an atelier fashion designer, my grandfather for whom I was named was an actor, and his brother was a literary critic.

I guess we are all made up of many lives, and I'm grateful to have the opportunities to express and or inhabit them all, whether as the Russian language commentator for the WWE, whether on the stage, whether on film, whether as a playwright, whether as a singer songwriter. Thank you to those who have given me those opportunities, and thank you for visiting this site!

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